How to Publish

We understand your hesitancy to take this next step in publishing your words and story.   We are here to make this step as easy and enjoyable as possible.

The difference between a printer and a publisher is that a printer will print your product only with no sales or marketing support.

Kids At Heart Publishing, LLC and KAH Publishing prints and lends support to help you market and sell your book.

Below is the process we walk you through once you have decided to take that leap and put your faith in us.

Our short contract does not lock you into any timeline.  It is simply to clarify the responsibilities and ownership of your work. You maintain ownership of and copyrights to your manuscript throughout the process. We provide a print-ready layout proof.

  1. You will provide us your work in a publish-ready format – word document fully edited. Additional editing on our part will come with an additional fee
  2. We provide a proof book to you before it goes to print so that you may approve the layout and graphics and make any changes required.
  3. We offer both hard and soft covers, black & white and color pages.
  4. We are a print-on-demand company which means that once you place your first order, you may order additional books as needed. Payment is due at time of ordering.
  5. Our company offers distribution avenues and marketing supplies such as brochures, flyers, business cards and post cards.
  6. We will post your book for sale on our website, have it available in our bookstore, at book fairs and book signings. Money from sales will be sent directly to you.
  7. As part of the initial payment, we obtain a bar code, an ISBN number, copyrights and a Library of Congress Control Number that is unique to each book.
  8. Each author package is customized to meet your budget and needs.
  9. Ask about sales specials and promotions on publishing packages.
  10. Payments plans are available with no additional fees.

Ready to publish your book? Click HERE and submit your book idea and we will contact you!