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Ever dream of getting your own book printed? Now is your chance, at a price you can afford. So sharpen those pencils and fire up the computer and get those creative juices flowing.

Give us a call when you are ready to publish your stories.

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Kids at Heart Publishing & Books is committed to promoting not only our own books, but yours as well. Therefore we try to exhibit our books and information at as many events as we can. We enjoy meeting with the public every chance we get and encourage our new authors to do the same. Any time we attend such an event, we offer to take our new authors with us or at least take their books. We feel that with the proper exposure and commitment, our business and your dreams can flourish and prosper.
For more information regarding the time and place of these events, please call. If a link is available, we will try to include it. If you have any questions or concerns, please visit our Contact Us section to speak with a Kids at Heart Publishing & Books representative.

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Marvelous March Mysteries

March 4th - 1:00 pm

Book Signings with Local Authors

Murder on Persimmon Lane by Patricia Goodspeed and Diana Orem
The Ghost of Cheeney Creek by Madalyn Kinsey
Loving Lily by Suzanne Dillon
The Old Codgers Club by Gail Stevens

Awesome April Animal Adventures

April 3rd - 6:30 pm

Book Signings featuring Several Animal Story Authors. A Great Fun Day! We may have live animals!


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